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Great.  I like this idea.


Good artwork. The gameplay is fine,  nothing particularly unique. The plot of a young woman not sure she is really attracted to her boyfriend feels realistic. I was a little disappointed that there was no real change based on your final choice.


This was really nice. Great idea!

Pls add a ending!

Nice Top down game !!!

amazing game -- really believable and lovable dialogue and beautiful graphics! are you thinking of adding different endings based on the relationship level?

made by Unity i am playing with Unity

Great graphics and design! I wan't to know more

DO YOU like driving? And trying to find a date to drive off to the sunset to? Well well well! This is the perfect game for you! 


Amazing design & consideration for detail. Thank you.

This is really brilliant !  If I am not wrong, this story is about a couple of ex-lovers. But I still wondering what is the end of this story? I made the progress bar full and then it went to the end with nothing. Did they get back in love again?


Really nice! Are you planning to port the game for Android / iOS? It would be great to play this game on the phone.

And I would add graphics. The road and the cars are great! But the menu is boring and too static. Also, in the accident there is no illustration. I would add a cool illustration where cars crashed into an accident, the police are standing with flashing lights, and would also add animation to this scene (flashers). The idea is interesting, but it requires improvements (IMHO).


Nice Idea